1. Impersonator
2. This Is Magic
3. Childhood's End
4. I Do Sing For You
5. Mister
6. Turns Turns Turns
7. Silver Rings
8. Illusion
9. Bugs Don't Buzz
10. Notebook

Dedicated to the people the songs are about.

Songs written by Devon Welsh

Produced by Matthew Otto Kolaitis and Devon Welsh

Mastered by Dmitri Condax at Ithaca Mastering, Montreal

Artwork Design by Erik Zuuring / Devon Welsh / Alex Brazeau

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This is the video for “Childhood’s End”, directed by Emily Kai Bock and starring my father, Kenneth Welsh.

Emily and I have known each other for a long time, going back to the days of Lab.Synthese, which was the venue she lived in and ran with Sebastian Cowan, Alex Cowan and others. I have been a fan of her video work for a long time so I was thrilled that she was interested in collaborating with myself and Matt.

I have been present at two of her other video shoots (for Grimes’ “Oblivion” and Solar Year’s “Brotherhood”) so it was an unfortunate but ironic twist of fate that we were on tour during the filming of this video. As a result, some of the details of its production are a mystery to me, but it makes it all the more fascinating for me to watch. My sincere gratitude goes out to Emily, Bobby Shore and everyone else involved in the production. It’s a truly cinematic video and we are honoured to have our song as the soundtrack.

I’m also very grateful to have a video that features my father Kenneth Welsh, who is a very accomplished actor and who has spent decades acting for the stage, film & television. His career has been a long one but you may know him best from the television show Twin Peaks. His performance in the video is very moving and I’m mostly just really happy to be able to collaborate with him in some way (this is not the first time he has collaborated with Majical Cloudz, as he played the flute and trumpet on two early recordings back in 2010).

Matt and I are both really happy and excited about the positive reaction to “Childhood’s End”. It’s always a strange experience to make a deeply personal song and then release it into the world and play it for lots of different people during tours. Even though it gains a whole other significance by becoming part of who we are as a band, it still remains incredibly personal on some level. So it’s great that other people can get something out of it too!

I was going to write a whole other paragraph here offering my convoluted interpretation of the video and its relation to the narrative of the song, but then I realized: I’ve already written way too much!



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