1. Impersonator
2. This Is Magic
3. Childhood's End
4. I Do Sing For You
5. Mister
6. Turns Turns Turns
7. Silver Rings
8. Illusion
9. Bugs Don't Buzz
10. Notebook

Dedicated to the people the songs are about.

Songs written by Devon Welsh

Produced by Matthew Otto Kolaitis and Devon Welsh

Mastered by Dmitri Condax at Ithaca Mastering, Montreal

Artwork Design by Erik Zuuring / Devon Welsh / Alex Brazeau

Order via Matador iTunes Amazon
Canada: MP3 iTunes LP+CD

This is the music video for the song ‘Savage’. We wanted to make something simple, so my friend Igor came over and we shot it really quickly. He edited it and sent a version of it to me later that night. I tried my hardest to write the lyrics out in time with when they appear in the song. This didn’t work out very successfully so Igor edited the footage a little bit in order to keep the pace.

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